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Mason's Patent Ironstone China dinner plate,
10.3" diameter, c1860

Here's one of the strangest antique Mason's plates you'll ever see!  It's a reject which somehow escaped from the factory intact.  Firstly, it's distorted in shape.  Secondly, the "Prunus Bush" pattern is very badly decorated.  Thirdly, it's not even finished, with large areas of colour missing!  It has some bubbles in the glaze, and some patches of missing glaze.  And there's an underglaze firing mark on the underside.  Apart from that, it's just perfect!  Yet its very rarity gives it a certain charm for dedicated collectors.

Our price  180

Item number: 107
Mark: Mason's over a crown with Patent Ironstone China in a drape below, printed in brown
Date: c1860
Diameter: 10.3" (26.2cm)

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The mark, printed in underglaze brown.

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This side-on photo shows how the shape of the plate is distorted.

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An overall picture of the underside.  Almost perfect - unlike the rest of it!
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