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Minton New Stone meat platter,
20.5" x 17", c1850

This lovely antique English meat platter is a wonderful display piece.  Although called "New Stone", the platter is essentially an earthenware body.  The "Clematis" pattern mark is complemented by a Design Registration Mark for 25 April 1850.  There's an impressed "New Stone" mark, and an impressed registration mark for 12 October 1849, together with other impressed marks including a Minton potter's mark for 1850.  It's excellent, with lovely subtle decoration in green and red.  Two small chips on the lower rim, and some rubbing of the red enamel around the rim - as you might expect.  An imposing display piece. 

Our price  800

Item number: 098
Mark: "Clematis M & Co" pattern mark, printed in blue.  "New Stone" impressed.  Various other impressed marks (see photos below)
Date: c1850
Dimensions: 20.5" (52.1cm) x 17.0" (43.1cm)

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The intricate printed pattern mark reads "Clematis  M & Co" and the Design Registration Mark is dated for 25 April 1850.

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On the base, there's a little wonderland of impressed marks!  Most prominently, there's a Shape Registration Mark for 12 October 1849.  Below, there's "BB", which means "Best Body".  Then there's the "New Stone" mark.  Below that, there's a potter's date mark for April 1850.   We've had to adjust the contrast of this photo to show the impressed marks, which is why the background looks so dark.

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Also on the base, there's this painted number "9431". 

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There are two chips on the lower rim (second is in top right corner of photo).  Each chip is about 0.6" (1.5cm) long. 

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This photo is typical of the minor abrasion damage to the yellow centre of the flowers, on the edge of the inside rim of the platter.

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Here's a photo of the entire underside - no chips, cracks or crazing. 
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