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Samuel Alcock "Flow Blue" soup plate,
10.3" diameter, c1826-1859

"Flow Blue" pottery (sometimes also called "flown blue" or "floating blue") is particularly prized by many collectors.  Usually found on earthenware from the mid 19th century, the characteristic blurred effect was created by using a special pigment for the printed pattern and then adding a special quicklime-based composition to the firecase in the kiln.  This soup plate is in good condition, with minor crazing.  The blue pattern is enhanced with gilding and a brown lustre rim.

Our price  215

Item number: 006
Mark: Madras and S A & Co, printed in blue
Date: c1826-1859
Diameter: 10.3" (26.2cm)

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The mark, transfer printed in underglaze blue, has the Madras pattern name, underneath which the Samuel Alcock mark S A & Co can be seen in tiny lettering.

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There is overall minute crazing and a couple of larger crazes which resemble cracks but which are invisible on the front of the plate. 

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The underside of the rim has additional printed decoration. 
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